Cornwall Holiday Cottages Options

Among the most famous counties in the UK and particularly England, Cornwall is a lovely place for the adventure seekers. It is located in the south west of the peninsula and it has been for years a lovely holiday destination. Cornwall attracts tourists with the rugged coastline, the warm beaches and the crystal clear waters. Besides the aquatic fun, there is the possibility to enjoy attractions like the Minack Theatre, the Maritime Museum, the Newquay Zoo and the Eden Park. Because of the vast number of tourists who come here every summer, Cornwall has options for accommodation, dining and shopping which will suit all families and budgets.

Accommodation options

From the things that a person may choose for accommodation the most known are the hotels, the holiday cottages Cornwall, the B&B cottages, caravans or camping sites. Going to a caravan or camping site can be a little bit difficult if you have young kids. The hotels tend to be rather costly and inflexible in terms of schedules. So probably the most known choice is that of renting a holiday cottage. The cottage is really popular because it is an affordable place to live and it creates a home like atmosphere. Most of them are located in convenient places with full access to attraction or means of transportation. Unlike hotels, the cottages are affordable, fun and peaceful. They represent a perfect way to rejuvenate and relax without being bothered by anyone. There is no need to interact with unpleasant staff or other people and you are free to do whatever you like.

holiday cottages in cornwall

Cottages alternatives

Most holiday cottages Cornwall can host both small and large groups of people. They are totally pet and baby friendly and the location can turn to your own favour. There are many types available and you can opt for a traditional or a modern setting. Most people prefer the traditional cottages which were refurbished in order to offer a modern touch. You will have all the required conveniences together with a rustic atmosphere. Here are some of the cottages which you can rent for your holiday. There are many more in the county of Cornwall and if you do not like these ones, you can search onwards.

The Hillside Terrace is situated in Looe. It is a lovely cottage which offers all the comfort needed. It is placed on top of a hill and has a lovely view towards the estuary. You can see it from your bedroom window or front terrace. The Looe centre is really close and so are the shops, restaurants and the beach. Oakridge is located in St Mellion. You will find a variety of lodges and considerable discounter for the golf course.

Cornwall and its lovely cottages are the ideal place for you to enjoy a really amazing holiday. The reality is that you will come again and again and you will never consider going to a hotel. The cosiness and the lovely atmosphere of the cottage is exactly what you need for the perfect family holiday.


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